Emphasis on “VAPOR THICKNESS” in Choosing the Finest e-Vapor Cigarette

vapor cigarettes by v2 cigsIt’s billowy, puffy e-vapor thickness that ensures the e-smoker a satisfying, optimal vaping experience. Let’s talk about this a bit more. One point needs to be made clear from the outset: An e-smoker does not “smoke” an e-vapor cigarette, he/she vapes it.  An e-vapor cigarette produces a vapor or mist that simulates traditional cigarette smoke without the foul odor or danger from second hand smoke. The e-vapor actually looks like smoke but it is comprised mainly of a combination of heated glycerine, nicotine and tobacco flavor. The nicotine liquid e-cartridges do not contain any trace of actual tobacco. Since the heat generated by a typical e-vapor cigarette battery never reaches a high enough temperature to cause combustion, there is no tar produced like in an ignitable cigarette. 

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Smokers Happy With The Choices of Vapor Cigarettes

There’s quite a large number of smokers who haven’t heard of vapor cigarettes yet, also known as e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes. Once smokers do learn about vapor cigarettes though, they’re usually interested in trying them out for themselves and seeing how vapor cigarettes stack up against traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Vapor cigarettes were actually invented about three decades ago, but it’s only been in the last few years that they’ve really taken off. Vaporcigarettes use a micro-technology that’s quite advanced, and are made of a harder material so they can be reused over and over. Inside vaporcigarettes, there’s a vaporizing chamber, and every time the smoker actually takes a drag from the cigarette, they’re pulling a nicotine infused liquid into that chamber, which turns it into a vapor that the smoker inhales. The added bonus is that this liquid is free of the thousands of chemicals that real cigarettes have, so therefore vapor cigarettes are being used as a healthier alternative. This liquid is also the ‘fun’ part of vapor cigarettes, as smokers can buy the liquid in different flavors and choose different nicotine strengths. There are just as many, if not more, options when it comes to vapor cigarettes, whereas tobacco cigarettes can basically be bought in either menthol or non-menthol, e-liquid is available in flavors like chocolate and vanilla, and there’s also menthol liquid and non menthol available. vapor cigarette

When most smokers decide to try out vapor cigarettes, they usually purchase e cigarette kits, which have all the needed supplies inside. There’s the main cigarette piece which holds the atomizer, the cartridges that hold the liquid, a battery or two, and a charger. Most e cigarettekits will also include some liquid to refill the cartridges as well, and often you can even buy e cigarette kits with menthol liquid or other flavors if you wanted.

When you read electronic cigarette reviews, you’ll see side-by-side comparisons of the top brands.  These can help you make a choice on which brand you want to align yourself with and use for the long term.


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Transitioning to a Vapor cigarette? Good Idea! This Article May Help Further

vapor cigaretteThere’s something new in the market today that smokers should celebrate about. They come in packages known as e-cigarette kits that contain a vapor cigarette. A vapor cigarette simulates the entire experience of smoking without the negative health effects. That means, it can feel like a real stick of cigarette between your fingers. It may also look like the real thing. And most importantly, puffing on a vapor cigarette delivers a rush of nicotine flavor to your senses that you wouldn’t really mind if it tastes better–and it does–than real cigarettes.

Is it too good to be true? Not Really! While eradicating the potential damages of smoking to your health, e-cigarette kits, like this Rebel Kit by Vapor Zone, don’t exactly work like real cigarettes. First, they don’t require a match or a lighter. They run on batteries like your cellular phone or your iPod. That means taking your custom Zippo to semi-retirement (you can still put it on your pocket in case there’s a bonfire or a candle to be lit, though). That also means that a vapor cigarette needs to be charged now and then.

Another difference is a result of not needing to burn anything to get the rush you need. Because there’s no burning involved, a vapor cigarette produces only safe, aromatic vapor instead of the harmful smoke produced by conventional cigarettes. That means goodbye to cancer-causing chemicals and hello to hundreds of exciting new flavors. E-cigarette kits often include a complimentary bottle of e-juice, a liquid made up of food flavors, propylene glycol, and water. These are all safe substances that are ordinarily used in candies, cakes, and other food stuff. E-juices come in a variety of flavors including cappuccino, cola and rum. There are even cigarette flavors including menthol if you like to stick to the habit without the nasty side effects. E-cigarette kits contain a vapor cigarette that is an assembly made up of an atomizer, a battery, and a mouthpiece. A battery charger, spare mouthpieces or cartridges, and one or two bottles of e juice should complete e-cigarette kits. The atomizer is the component that heats droplets of e juice, turning them into flavored vapor that can be inhaled and exhaled like cigarette smoke.

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